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The Female Body

Different pictures are available each month

First Place - Most Breasts   

Second Place - Most Breasts

Third Place - Most Breasts

First Place - Longest Nipple

Second Place - Longest Nipple

Third Place - Longest Nipple

First Place - Largest Clitoris

Second Place - Largest Clitoris

Third Place - Largest Clitoris

First Place - Most Facial Hair

Second Place - Most Facial Hair

First Place - Shortest Pornstar (midget)

Second Place - Pornstar (midget)

Third Place - Pornstar (midget)

First Place - Ugliest Female

Second Place - Ugliest Female

Third Place - Ugliest Female

First Place - Most Objects Inserted Into Vagina

Second Place - Most Objects Inserted Into Vagina

Third Place - Most Objects Inserted Into Vagina

 Second Place - Largest Clitoris


VIDEO - Third- Largest Areolas


Third Place - Most Facial Hair

First Place - Sexiest Fatty

Second Place - Sexiest Fatty

Third Place - Sexiest Fatty

First Place - Buffest Nude

Second Place - Buffest Nude

Third Place - Buffest Nude

First Place - Flashing Government Official (Italy)

First Place - Furthest Milk Squirter

Second Place - Furthest Milk Squirter

Third Place - Furthest Milk Squirter

First Place - Human Whale

First Place - Hairiest Legs

First Place - Hairiest Vagina

Second Place - Hairiest Vagina

Third Place - Hairiest Vagina

First Place - Most Pierced Vagina

First Place - Most Extreme Pregnancy

First Place - Most Saggy Breasts

Second Place - Most Saggy Breasts

Third Place - Most Saggy Breasts

First Place - Most Useful Breasts

 Second Place - Longest Nipple


First Place - Heaviest Lesbians

First Place - Heaviest Female sitting on Males Face

First Place - Largest Areola

Second Place - Largest Areola

Third Place - Largest Areola

First Place - Largest Natural Breasts

Second Place - Largest Natural Breasts

Third Place - Largest Natural Breasts

First Place - Largest Breast Implants

Second Place - Largest Breast Implants

Third Place - Largest Breast Implants

First Place - Largest Labia

Second Place - Largest Labia

Third Place - Largest Labia

First Place - Most Cellulite

First Place - Most Pierced Labia

Second Place - Most Pierced Labia

Third Place - Most Pierced Labia

First Place - Pancake Breasts

First Place - Prettiest Smile

Third Place- Largest Natural Breasts

VIDEO -  Third-  Largest Clitoris 

VIDEO - Third- Largest Implants





The Male Body

First Place - Largest Balls

Second Place - Largest Balls

Third Place - Largest Balls

First Place - Most Balls

First Place - Urination Furthest Distance

First Place - Defecation Furthest Distance

First Place - Longest Penis

Second Place - Longest Penis

Third Place - Longest Penis

First Place - Largest Penis Girth

Second Place - Largest Penis Girth

Third Place - Largest Penis Girth

First Place - Most Weight Lifted With Penis

First Place - Smallest Penis


First Place - Longest White Penis

Second Place - Longest White Penis

Third Place - Longest White Penis

First Place -Most Useful Penis

First Place - Luckiest Masterbater

First Place - Most Knotted Penis

First Place - Most Useful Penis





 Quickest Erection? Most people in a Circle Jerk? Most artistically tattooed Breasts, Vagina, and Penis? Longest, largest, biggest, giant, smallest, hairiest, vagina, penis, boobs, breasts, nipples, lips and clitoris!, 


The Hermaphrodite Body

First Place - Hermaphrodite

 Second Place - Hermaphrodite

Third Place - Hermaphrodite



First Place - Most Feminine

Second Place - Most Feminine

Fifth Place - Most Feminine

Third Place - Most Feminine

Fourth Place - Most Feminine




Sex World Records

First - Most Daring Public Nudity

Second - Most Daring Public Nudity

Third - Most Daring Public Nudity

First Place - Most Daring Public Sex

Second Place - Most Daring Public Sex


First Place - Deepest Insertion

First Place - Human Mousetrap

First Place - Human Waterfall

First Place - Bottle In Ass

Third Place - Most Daring Public Sex

First Place - Bull Horn In Ass


First Place - Most Partners (Female)

First Place - Most Partners (Male)

First Place - Most Unusual Sex

Second Place - Most Unusual Sex

Third Place - Most Unusual Sex





Different downloads are available each month

Largest White Clitoris

Largest Black Clitoris

Smoking Vagina

Largest Nuts (Elephantiasis Scroti)

Midget Train

Most Weight Lifted With Penis


Nipple Fight

Most Voltage On Nuts

Most Nude Parachutes

Kung Fu Sex

Tit Boxing

Floppy Boobs Contest


Air Blasting Skirts Practical Joke

Man Fucks Himself

Longest Penis Blow Job

Human Coke Can Dispenser

Biggest Boob Bounce

Funniest Blow Job Blooper



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